Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Update of my (Sick) Bedtime Reading

It's good to be back, having been out of action and away from a computer for the last 2 weeks, thanks to a chest infection. Perhaps the worst piece of news is that I missed Adele Parks, presenting just a few mere metres away from my work place on 5th http://www.adeleparks.com/meet-adele.htm I've made do with reading her novel, Still Thinking of you (published 2004). So far, so slow...I'm not warming to the middle-classed Guardian reading trendies that parade as characters in this one. Having said that, I love Adele and will persevere.

I've begun a new literary love affair with Katy Regan, columnist of Marie Clare, who's just brough out One thing led to Another, a tale about 28 year old Tess who ends up knocked up by her best friend and struggles to cope not only with the demands of pregnancy, but the demands of her friends that have decided this is the perfect opportunity for her to officially get together with her best mate, Jim, after years of bed hopping. If only things were that simple...

Absolutely loved this read and will be passing it around my friends for its humour (falling on a soft toy with the voice of Prince Charles whilst in flagrante with a French hottie) and emotional intelligence.

The book is a fictionalised version of events that have actually happened to Katy, who happened to pregnant thanks to her male best friend (still just friends). She keeps a blog about how life is panning out for her with her son. I'll be adding her blog to my "follow" list asap!

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  1. OK, you're going to have to forgive me for commenting on so many of your posts, I'm just having a read through them all!

    I used to read the column in Marie Claire by Katy when she fell pregnant, I was pleased to read in the Daily Mail not long ago that she had brought out a book based on it. Thanks for the link to her blog as well. x