Friday, 20 March 2009

Creative Writing Evening class in my car

My CD copy of Creative writing arrived from Waterstones online yesterday, which has revolutionized my drive to work! No longer do I have to pollute my brain with saccarine sweet trashy pop - now I can get my intellectual fill and momentarily stop stressing about how little writing I've actually done, because this counts! Ok Ok I know the name of the game is to write, write, write, but in my defence, listening to a creative writing course in the car is a good use of "dead" time.
The course is delivered by an academic. It's nicely broken up into 5 minute snippets, after which you're encouraged to do the exercises in your 'work book'. My variant on this is to turn on the radio and speak my thoughts aloud (first checking that the window isn't rolled down and that there are no pedestrians at the crossing - my communte isn't so much a drive as a crawl through a never ending sea of traffic lights).
It's early days but I'm happy with it so far - I just hope the narrator won't get too techie!
This mornings task was to reflect on books you've read that stand out for you. I thought of Louise Bagshaw, queen of bonkbuster, who I entirely blame for getting me hooked on chicklit. The financial penalties and demands on my relationship from binge-reading have been immense, but i always come back for more!


  1. Sounds like you're making the most of your time to me and all those snippets will be nestling in your subconcious :-)
    Keep it up!

  2. Cheers! Am currently compiling a scrap book and am knee deep in magazine cuttings, random scribbles and photos as we speak!

    Great fun if nothing else