Monday, 16 March 2009

And because we all love a happy ending...

Pleased to report that my relationship malfunction has been resolved! For all you romantics out there, you'll be as pleased as punch to hear that yesterday was spent leisurely walking around a local country park, followed by a Sunday pub lunch and a candle lit dinner at a restuarant. Had such a lovely time, that were you to read about it, you'd think it was too perfect to be real! So speaks a cynic.

On another note...

My novel is gathering pace! I'm pleased with the vision I have of my three characters - at least one of them I wouldn't chose to be friends with, but I'm enjoying creating her all the same. It's the perfect way to get my wicked side out, without actually inflicting it on anyone. She's creating so much emotional carnage, but is able to escape the blame so far. One of those perfectly likeable people on the surface, but rotten to the core as soon as a desirable, but unavailable, man comes on the scene. Anyone else out there have a passion for a fictional bitch?

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