Tuesday, 24 March 2009

First comes writing, then hopefully comes creativity

As per the advice on my Creative Writing audio course, I'm doing my best to get into the habit of writing daily. Writing any old thing. Anything from diary entries, scribbles in notebooks and random thoughts to actual novel prose, plotting and blogging. I'm realising it's an easy habit to get into - anyone can find 5 minutes to spare and it feels fab to get some, any, words down on paper.
So that's my target - to write something for myself everyday (excluding emails, writing that I do for work etc).

I'm also bringing my 3 chapters by May target forwards. I want to finish the chapters by mid April, lock them away, enjoy my holiday and then come back afresh to put in some last minute touches!


  1. That's so true - 5 minutes should be no problem. And they say (don't know who 'they' are) that if you repeat an action for 29 days then it will become a habit.


  2. It's good to have a deadline, it seems to work for me :o)