Saturday, 21 March 2009

Read all about it!

As we all know, the first rule of writing is to read, read, read. There is a Waterstones store two minutes walk from my office. This is Bad News.

The pretty victorian shop front, the cheerful staff, the 3 for 2's, author events and....the inviting scent of italian coffee and croissants wafting downstairs. For three out of 5 days yesterday, I ventured in.

This weeks purchases were....

Sadomasichism for accountants by Rosy Barnes - check her and her blog out here. This is Rosy's first novel and with my Other Half being an accountant, and not your usual stereotyped version, I thought it'd be worth a look for teasing material alone. BTW Other Half is not into SM, was not alluding that at all!

Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner - US queen of chicklit's latest offering

Wedding Season by katie Fforde

and most fitting of all titles, An offer you can't refuse by Jill Mansell (firm favourite!)

I'd dumped the bag of purchases behind the bookcase in our living room, as an alcoholic hides their bottles around the house, so i have to keep any new books hidden from the OH ('you'll never read them all! We'll never get to see you!"). 

Must be more careful in future, it took him precisely 5 minutes to find my contrabands!

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