Saturday, 1 August 2009

Checking in and catching up

Ahhh I feel so much better after a holiday and a short techno-break. I've blown week old dust off my laptop. Normally it's scorching red hot through over use, but I've behaved very saintly over the past two weeks and devoted all my time to my lovely family. They say couples fall in love all over again on holiday and you can see the logic: take away the washing up/loo seat arguments and bam, the romance comes back.

Gossip update: - Feel awful after slating Jane Green's latest, Beach House - she's now following me on twitter. Must stress again that I am a massive Jane Green fan, I just prefer her earlier works. Spellbound here I come!

Adele Parks has just sent me a blank email! Hope she resends one with a message! Contacted her to say how much I was enjoying Love Lies. Adele must be the luckiest lady alive right now. Not only does she live in domestic bliss with the top job of a chick lit novelist, but she got a team of scantily clad muscle men to hand out magnum ice creams to ladies on the streets of london. Somehow this promotes Adele's new book. Not sure I get the link, but nice work!

Top holiday read: -Melissa Hill, Before I forget

Romance of a character with head injury - all is not what it seems. Melissa Hill has the knack of bluffing and double bluffing, I love the way it's impossible to second guess where the plot is going. Plenty of surprises along the way. She's top of the literary charts for a reason, and it's on offer at Asda for £3 as part of their book club

OH is working this weekend, leaving me free to visit my fave dress agency. Designer-clad lovelies of my home town bring in designer clothes to be sold in the shop on a 50:50 basis. On my budget, it's a great way of getting affordable quality clothes and accessories (My eye is on a Mulberry) and not having to worry about Topshop syndrome (bumping into a constant stream of girls wearing the same piece).