Tuesday, 17 March 2009

A Novel in a Year

Just bought a copy of 'A novel in a year' by Louise Doughty in Oxfam. Read my library's copy a while back and it's full of useful advice and exercises to get the brain ticking.

Had a random thought - did the previous one careful owner of my copy finish their novel (in a year), or give up entirely, before donating their copy to Oxfam?


  1. I wish i could get mine to last a year. I churn them out in six months and then make myself edit for 2 or 3, i really can't make it last any longer.

    I've written four like this and am still unpublished. Maybe there's a lesson to be learnt there:):)

  2. I've read this book and thought it was really inspiring :o)

  3. Love the wonder about the previous owner!

  4. It's a great book I agree! The idea of writing a novel in a year is just a gimmick, dreamt up by the telegraph - the author mentions some people take much more, some much less.