Saturday, 14 March 2009

All dressed up and no where to go!

I'm going to be brave and give myself a deadline - end of May for the first three chapters of my first manuscript. I'm roughly halfway there and it's achievable given that I'm working on a novella for a local writing competition. I've taken a long hard look at my daily schedule and have factored in an entire hour at the end of my working day, dedicated to writing. On top of my evening stints, this should be enough. Feel free to slap my wrists (with black nails today, feeling feisty) if I don't make it. 

How gorgeous was the weather today? sigh I love the dawn of spring. Fabulous thing about writing is that it's possible to be spring all the time, in the made up world. Sadly, This Charming man by Marian K's character Marnie, mentions that everyone says spring is their favourite season and implies it's a bit cliched. I don't care, it's lovely. A warning that summer is on it's way.

Anyway, with regards to the title - there's a slight relationship malfunction in the house! I'm lying low in  the study; my only company being my pink laptop and some choc cupcakes that my best friend has brought over - what a legend! 

So...I feel it's a good time to escape to the world of my three made up characters. See what "the girls" are up to, lie low and let real life calm down whilst I'm away. 


  1. Good luck with your deadline :-)

  2. Good luck and keep at it. An hour a day sounds fab :-)

  3. Thanks for the support! It was about time I held myself to a deadline!

  4. Deadlines are good for keeping you motivated, and I'm definitely loving the weather at the moment :o)