Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The glamorous (Double) life of Isabel Bookbinder By Holly McQueen

Picked up this little gem at lunchtime and it too much inner strength to put it down and calmly return to work.
Isabel is everything a debut novellist shouldn't be...
1) She has a pristine Smythsons notebook in which she's hesistant to write in for fear of spoiling it
2) Her main reason for writing a book is so her dad will stop giving her a hard time about wasting her life
3) She's confused being an author as being a celeb, complete with champagne lifestyle and red carpet affairs.
4)...she doesn't have a title, or even an idea for a novel.

and yet the book is so much fun - and not in a smug way! Holly McQueen has penned some of my inner most fears of being an author ( such as, am I dreaming too much, or worse, is life as an author going to be the stark opposite of Isabel's fantasies i.e. a career of rejections, writer's cramp and caffeine overload, with only the postman as a colleague).

read all about real author Holly and Isabel B at this gorgeous website have fun with the outifit designer - perfect if you have a quiet moment or are in need of some procrastination!

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  1. Have added this to my wishlist on Amazon - sounds exactly the kind of book I will enjoy!