Friday, 10 April 2009

An email from Adele Parks!

OMG! Almost fainted when I saw Adele's name in my inbox. And there's a new book on the way...I 'm so excited!

What a fantastic note to receive!

Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me and being so complimentary about my work. Even with eight published books under m y b elt, I can never get over the thrill of people reading m y b ooks, let alone bothering to write to compliment me on them! After months, locked away in my office, it’s easy to forget at some point the novel will actually see the light of day and be enjoyed. Hurrah. I’m very grateful to you.

You’ll be pleased to know that I’ll be a brand new  book in July too. It’s called Love Lies So a reall y b usy year for me; I can’t wait!! Love Lies is going to be a paperback too (so it fit’s easily into suitcases when you are going on hols!) Look out for more information about the new book on my website, I’ll post something very soon.

I’ve added your name to my Little Black Book so now you’ll be among the first to hear about every thing new I have hitting the shelves!

I'm so glad you find my work entertaining and I hope you always do find it worthwhile.

Ver y b est wishes,




Adele Parks

Author of:

Tell Me Something


Young Wives' Tales


Still Thinking Of You

The Other Woman's Shoes

Larger Than Life

Game Over

Playing Away

Happy Families


  1. Wow, that's brilliant! Have only recently finished reading Young Wives Tales, I love Adele Parks. Great blog by the way! :) x