Thursday, 9 April 2009

God, I feel inspired.

You might recognise the "God I feel inspired" line from Holly McQueen's Isabel Bookbinder series.
I'm having THE ideal day off....a small lie in, buttered hot cross buns in bed, internet shopping for holiday clothes and experimenting with make up artist tips from the MAC website to update my look. 

Peace, perfect peace and the house all to myself. Settling down for an afternoon of writing now.

 Pleased to report that the Audio Creative Writing course is providing me with plenty of food for thought. I feel more confident about some of the science behind writing and it's a relief to know that I haven't been going far wrong til now. Local colleges are advertising their summer evening classes in the papers this week- usually this fills me with guilt, thinking I must attend a self-improving course such as CW, or I will grow brain flab, or worse, struck with lazyitis. Instead I can spend what would be Evening Class Night sharing some red wine, chocs and a DVD - hurrah!

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