Friday, 17 April 2009

TGIF, Thank God It's Friday

..because I'm off to Lanzarote on Sunday! A much needed break, I'm getting so exhausted under the strain of researcher duties, PhD and chicklitting. 
My beach outfits and grooming/hair were sorted ages ago. What I'm having trouble with is selecting beach reads from my to-read list.
To date, I've selected Katie Price's Pushed to the Limit (her 3rd autobiography!!) and novel Angel Uncovered as holiday reads.
Say what you like about this lady, she sure knows how to sell books. I could read these books under the excuse of research on how to write a chick lit best seller, but I'm reading them because Angel, Crystal, Whole New World and Being Jordan were catchy reads. I've become a fan of her brutal honesty and passion for drama. I like her naughty side and I like the fact that she wears her heart (and bitchy streak) on her sleeve.
I feel much lighter, spiritually, now that my Jordan-loving confession has been aired. Now I'm free to choose the rest of my holiday reads. Oh, and I hear the UK will have temperatures of 17 and 18 degrees next week - so you'll all have sunshine too!


  1. Have a great time. Let us know what you think of the books. I haven't read any of Katie/Jordan's work, but do admire her skills as a business woman.

  2. I'm in Salalah so I have it too. Enjoy Lanzarote. UK athletes have their training camp so if you see a lot of muscular young men and fit women running about, don't try to catch them because they're very fast.