Friday, 10 April 2009

Excuse for procrastinating

A blood donor service parked up next to my gym yesterday. I was mightily disappointed to find out that I couldn't donate due to low iron levels! No wonder I've been so tired. The lovely nurses have given me some excellent advice on boosting my iron levels, so that I will be able to donate in 3 months.
Today's top tip is a practical one - Tea reduces iron absorption. Try avoid it just before, with, or after meals. This is exactly where I've been going wrong. I've even be known to yawn on the rowing machine, despite hitting the hay early.
I'm officially out of excuses for laziness now.


  1. I've recently given up tea, I was drinking so much and it was making me tired and nauseous! Not as good for you as people think - hope you're bright-eyed and bushy-tailed soon :o) Actually, that would make you a squirrel ...

  2. ..and bushy haired! I'll keep my frizz ease serum in reaching distance!