Sunday, 5 April 2009

Tried and Tested writing tip!

I've been buried in my copy of Novel in a week this weekend (see a few posts down) and have picked up a fab tip! I'm so pleased with this nugget of information that I'm sharing it here. Well, it's perfect for those of you who're just passed the ideas  stage of your novel, but will also work if you've got the curse of writer's block.

Begin with writing the scenes that you've got a vision of. 

Writing the most salient images that you have is an easy way of getting started, or adding to the bulk of your story. Novel in a Week reminded me that you don't have to write in any particular order - you're free to write whichever bits you feel like! 

Brilliant! I've found that by writing the scenes that are most potent in my head, my writing has picked up face quite dramatically.

But then as you probably know, writing anything is a good way of getting on with it!


  1. That's a really good tip actually! I'm not good at writing 'out of order' as it were, but I can see this would be a great way to keep the momentum going :o)

  2. I've realised I'm not that good at writing in order! Can get really fed up writing through scenes in their chronological order, so it's actually a great way to keep things fresh and exciting!

  3. Good tip! I live to also refine my vision of scenes to make sure that what I'm doing is believable in terms of how this character would react.