Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Whirlwind reviews

Without even ill-health as an excuse, I've decided it's high time I post mini-reviews of my holiday reads. Hold onto your seats, this is going to be a whirl wind tour: - 

  • Fiona Neill, Secret Life of Slummy Mummy. First prize read of the holiday! Based on a newspaper column of the same name, this book had me in stitches on my sun lounger. It's a sweet tale of slummy mummy and her allies as she struggles to gain domestic order, something she's found more challenging than even her previous career as a producer on Newsnight. SM dodges one disaster after the next until it all comes crashing down on her in a fast paced finale. Perfect reading for laughter therapy after a hard day.
  • Pushed to the Limit by Katie Price. An even more curious read in the wake of her recent split with Mr Andre. They've split before! Juicy gossip enclosed - as well as hard hitting stories about Harvey's accidents, Peter's meningitis and the death of her nan. After reading this, it's hard not to have a soft spot for the working mum with ambitions higher than her heels. It appears that being a bestseller, TV presenter, merchandise range,  reality star (even in the US), platinum album seller (just!) and of course, the original glamour girl, aren't enough. She's got her eyes on films, businesses, the lot!
  • How to lose a husband and gain a life - Bernadette Strachan If you've not heard of this super talented lady, go out and get a copy of Diamonds and Daisies or Handbags and Halos, now! She's funny, in the same vein as Marian Keyes is (perhaps it's the Irish in Bernadette). I hope this is the break out novel for Bernadette, she deserves it. Now go and have  a muster around her website and see what you're missing.
  • Copper Beech by Maeve Binchy - ahhh a comforting slice of Ireland, served by the Queen of Irish Chick Lit. Gorgeous characters grow up before our eyes in this small town novel. 
So there are my 2009 recommended summer reads. So far. I'm aware that these other gems from some brilliant authors are about to, or have hit the shelves and will be getting a coveted place on my bookcase: - 
  • Adele Parks's new 9th novel out in July 09! I'm in her little black book and will post details of the new novel as soon as I get the email
  • Sophie Kinsella - Twenties girl (July 09)
  • jane Green - Girl Friday (11 Jun)
  • Fiona Neill - Friends, lovers and other Indiscretions
  • Lisa Jewell - the Truth about Melody Brown
  • Jenny Colgan - Diamonds are a girl's best friend
  • Holly Mc Queen - the fabulously fashionable life of Isabel Bookbinder
  • Freya North- Secrets
  • Lucy Diamond - Hens Reunited (Aug 09. Takes the prize for best title!)
Katie Price releases a new work of fiction, Sapphire in July. The book blurb sounds promising and I've previously enjoyed two of her novels, but Angel Uncovered was a flop. I dare say Katie will do some sensational PR around the book and will do a book launch dripping in glamour and tasty male models, making Sapphire a bestseller as well!

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  1. Great reviews!

    I loved Fiona Neill's novel and I'm a big fan of Bernadette Strachan - I've just ordered her latest :o)