Sunday, 17 May 2009

Good Grief

I'm practically in mourning - I'm nearing the last 50 pages of Rosy Thornton's Crossed Wires. Whilst it's fabulous enjoying a book so much that you're living and breathing the plot lines, feeling the duck and dives of their emotions, it can be devastating when you know the end is in sight! With such good reads, I have to stand back and give the book a prominent place on my dresser. I might start reading  another book to distract me from my potential loss. Crossed wires is winking at me every time I go into my bedroom and I'm not ready to finish it yet. I guess the sign of a good book is the pseudo-mourning process that it evokes.

On another note, I want Jill Mansell's life. She admitted recently her full time writing career consists of chewing wine gums, spying on rugby players during their training session and marvelling at how many other writers have blogs. Once she's exhausted these displacement activities, she gets on with the writing. I love her.

My review of Crossed Wires is on it's way - once I feel strong enough to say good bye


  1. I absolutely loved this too - and I soooo know what you mean about not wanting it to end!

  2. Oh that's a relief to hear, Helen, I'm not the only one then. It's a lovely book and I'm enjoying surmising how it might end in my mind.

  3. I've given you an award. Check out my blog :)

  4. Wow an award - thanks Laura, you've brightened up my rainy day!