Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Just a thought...

I've read in one of the many creative writing textbooks that I own that you should never forget that fictional characters are not real people and they don't respond as real people would. It suggests that you should think of what a normal person would do (Oh how I love the sweeping generalisation of "normal"), and then write the opposite.

This is fine, but most of the people I know don't react in a normal way. What kind of benchmark is that?! I'm going to wind up writing 90k words on commonplace behaviour if I apply this tip! I'm going to chew this over now, at the gym. Again, another place where it's hard to find "normal' people. Trotting along for hours at a time on a machine in front of unforgiving mirrors is not a normal behaviour by any stretch of the imagination.


  1. I agree - there's no such thing as a normal person.

    I do love reading all those writing books, though, even if I don't always agree with the opinions.

  2. Friendship

    Never have I had a friend like you, a true friend in life.
    You cracked the veneer, you accept me for who I am
    and for who I am not.
    You showed me there is no need to live in disguise
    and so I drop the fear because you are here.
    To hold my hand, to walk me through this foreign land
    Explore a life of truth between you & I
    This is how we grew to this friendship
    I know now, like I never have
    I have you to thank and this is how
    I love you my friend
    My true friend till the end.
    Copyright 2009 By Joseph Anthony Sanchez