Friday, 8 May 2009

I have the flu and I'm delighted!

Picking up the thread from my last post and Suzanne's comment, I thought I'd continue to prove that 'normal' doesn't exist.
I'm thrilled I've got the flu, because it means I can lie in bed finishing off 'Tell Me Something' By Adele Parks (if you've ever fancied a bit of italian here's your chance to do it vicariously) and Niamh Green's Confessions of a Demented House Wife (Domestic Tragi-comedy, the best vintage in my opinion). I don't believe for one second that I'm the only one who gets a secret thrill when they're too ill to get out of bed....

Now open wide and say 'lazy bones'...


  1. Enjoy your enforced break.

  2. I love to read :)

  3. Thanks! turned out I had to do the airport run to collect the in laws, so no rest for the wicked