Saturday, 13 June 2009

Scarlet Magazine

Thought I'd report on my latest passion, Scarlet Magazine dubbed "the magazine for women who get it" and "the UK's hottest womens mag". Definitely not for the tame spirited (something I've yet to struggle with), I'd describe it as p&rn fiction for women! In case you're not already a reader, or have secretly been desperate to take a look at a copy (you can buy online issues via the website if you don't want copies laying around the house!), let me explain.

Scarlet is packed with sex life tips ('Foreplay' and 'Features' sections), a centefold of sex fiction ('Cliterature'), as well as Style, Health& Beauty and Travel sections, that you'd find in any other women's mag but with more of an emphasis on raunch. The advice section raises a few eyebrows as well - are these people for real? Who knows!

Being one who tries most things, I'm working on a cliterature piece. They openly advertise for contributors in the mag. Just be sure to use a pen name. Any suggestions anyone?
I'm all about diversity. Only I could go from debutante curtseying to Cliterature in merely a week!


  1. I'm going scarlet thinking about leaving a copy around the house! Usual pen name would be the name of your first pet and the name of the road you lived on as a child. Mine's Murphy West (cool, eh!)

  2. He he like it...although I'd be Tonka Braddon