Friday, 12 June 2009

Lauren Conrad - LA Candy

The recent craze of celeb (ghost) novel writing seems far from over, especially with THe Hills star Lauren Conrad's latest offering being released on general sale from 16th June.

Lauren is beautiful. She has an enviable fashion career and shows real promise having released her own fashion range. She makes great Reality tv fodder. I really wish she'd write a blog, as I'm sure her exploits at red carpet events and fashionista job would keep millions hooked. Of course I know the reason she doesn't blog (and 500 words or so on her website every 3 months does not count); where would the money come from?

But are you just slightly curious to see how she's got on with the novel writing? Check out an excerpt here It will make your eyes pop! I'll stop now before I say anything libellous.
Never mind the writing, I'm visiting the hair salon this afternoon to get her perfect shade of caramel! And if she wouldn't mind donating the dress in the picture, that will do nicely once I've lost the required 2 stone.


  1. Ummmmmm, reserve judgement shall we.

    But if I do the shade of caramel, get the dress can I also get a shot at Brody LOL

  2. lol! No no don't hold back. The feedback on the teen vogue site is just hillarious!