Thursday, 18 June 2009

News from planet chick lit

Is it possible to OD on creative writing tips? I'd say so, today. Flexing my procrastination muscle, I've been knee deep in creative writing tips, course materials and inspirational advice and it's actually putting me off writing.

Yes crazy, I know, but I believe there is a fine line of how much prep you should do and how much time is 'enough' to spend away from your novel. Take for instance now. My confidence is down with writing, all the tips seem like threats - a gold standard that I'm nowhere near...arrgh. There are times when seeking advice is a great idea, but if you're lagging behind there's no other way than to get writing, see what you've got and then maybe seek some guidance.

If I've not written at least 500 words by my next blog post, severely tell me off!


  1. I agree. Sometimes you do have to just go for it and then worry about the editing afterwards.

  2. I spend so much time reading about writing that I get very little down on paper. Great idea to go for it and worry later...