Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Welcome to Chick Lit sanctuary - your dose of fiction for females

After waking up for the third day in a row and finding a delivery from amazon stuffed in my letterbox, I'm finally willing to admit that I have a problem. My poison of choice is not chocolate, alcohol or shopping (I'm curiously managing those habits in moderation..), it's an addiction to Chick Lit. There, now I've finally written it down, I feel mildly relieved.

My ambition with this blog is basically a community service for my addiction. I'm getting through roughly one novel a week. Why not post my reviews on a blog site, I thought, having trawled my way through the author interviews via and realising that they all have wonderfully entertaining blogs. I've decided I'd like a piece of the action myself.

Cut to the chase - like any true addict, I multi-read. This diagnosis means that I'm currently reading: - 

  • Good behavior by Molly Keane
  • The Secret by Rhona Byrne (not strictly CL fodder, but entertainment all the same)
  • Husbands by Adele Parks (Queen of CL)
  • Who's that girl by Alexandra Potter
Til the next time!

take care!


  1. I know what you mean about the Amazon-delivery habit... glad I'm not the only one! Look forward to reading more on your blog... (as long as you don't tempt me to order more books of course!)

  2. My first comment - yay, thanks Lucy! Great to know I've got my first reader and found another amazon Junkie