Monday, 16 February 2009

Monday Morning - Weekend Hangover

Is it possible to be hungover, not from alcohol, but tiredness alone? If it is, then that's me.

I woke up this morning and for the first time ever, spotted a bloodshot left eye. Tried pointing it out to HisLordship for inspection, but still in Valentine's charm mode, he denied its existence - Liar! A quick analysis of the weekend would suggest that I'm tired from oversleeping - and yes, that is entirely possible, according to sleep researchers and consultants. Friday 13th (no less) was spent in a Tapas restaurant in a flurry of Rose wine - delicious! My four-glass indulgence wrecked my sleep and I finally admitted defeat to my body's desire to toss and turn when HisLordship woke me up with a gentle shake and an offer to make me breakfast. The breakfast offer was nothing but a ploy to ensure he had company for the morning. Two six nations games and a bowl of chips later, I'm fast asleep again. I can't remember the last time I passed out at 8pm from exhaustion alone, but I am acutely aware it has happened before.

Sunday was the perfect excuse for some light shopping - another pair of suede boots (totally impractical for this side of winter), a chunky belt (which I hope is supposed to snugly fit the waist, and not the hips) and best of all, a copy of The Secret Shopper's Revenge by Kate Harrison. This book is perfect for Sunday coffee shop post-shopping reading. I'm 167 pages in and hooked - I've even started ignoring conversations with HisLordship, so that I can cram a few more pages in! It's exactly the kind of book I'd like to write - from the gorgeously kitsch cover, to the sharp but dowdy wit of Emily that you immediately bond with, which is a massive contrast (put this choice of phrase down to the tiredness hangover) to Sandie, who seems guarded and vague - I know she has a good side in there and I'm reading on trying to uncover it! It's real comfort food for the brain and it's fab knowing that I will be pulling out the book again tonight on the train.


  1. What a lovely blog :o) Hope you're feeling wide awake now!

    I recently read the Secret Shopper's Revenge and thoroughly enjoyed it. I believe there's a sequel on the way too.

  2. Thanks for the message, Karen! Felt a little better by the afternoon, despite giving myself caffeine overload. Looking forward to the sequel!

  3. Glad to hear this book is enjoyable - its next on my list to be read!