Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Umm hello, anyone there?

Oh my days, I'm so relieved that I've remembered how to log into my blog! Stumbling block one over with. It's been a long time bloggers, it's been too long and I've missed this. My personal life descended into chaos roughly a year ago and the spiral kept getting deeper. When I get my blog mojo back, I think I will reveal a little more. Put it this way, I was just 'doing' life rather than living it. I was getting up, eating, trying to hold down a job and that was it. I remember my friend asking six months ago how my writing was going and thinking how alien it felt now that I'd let my writing/reading hobby take a backseat in life. I went on a six month NHS dynamic psychotherapy treatment course and the counsellor was impressed that I read a book on average every 2 days. 'What, but that's not an achievement or's what I do, doesnt everyone?' Now that I have my life back I've got more and more time for reading and it's been great. I've branched out from chicklit and now like to read about different cultures, or different parts of history. I'm studying for my PhD still and that demands a ton of reading. In short, there's no getting away from it!

I felt so guilty about coming back to blog here. Like a relative that you've not seen for ages and you feel guilty, so you avoid them a bit longer. And then you feel even worse, so you definitely need to avoid them.

So I'm back; I'm a book junkie and there's no better place for me. Plus I miss the literary blog community! I'll blog away and see what happens.


  1. Lovely to see you back and feeling better :o)

  2. I stopped in because I see that you're a chick lit lover like myself. Are you one to frequently blog? I'd love to meet new people like yourself!